Self Service Bays

In our Self service bays we welcome cars, boats, motor bikes, caravans/campers and trailers.

Please no grass, hay or other refuge as it blocks up our drains. Please leave the bay the way you found it, clean and tidy with any mud pushed to the middle to allow the next customer access.



  • Available 24/7
  • Payment options
    Gold coins ($1 & $2)
Options Include:
  1. Pre soak
  2. Tyre & Engine
  3. High pressure soap
  4. Foam brush
  5. High pressure rinse
  6. High pressure wax
  7. Spot free rinse
  • Payment Options
    Accepts $1, $2
  • Available 24/7

Self serve vacuum x 3

  • Payment Options
    $1 or $2 coins


Armorall Sponge Clean
Armorall Sponge Protect
Thirsty Blue Towel
Glass Cleaner
Fragrance Tree( Black Ice & New Car)

  • Available 24/7
$50,$20,$10,$5 notes converted to coins.

Car Wash Details

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