Carwash on the Highway is an Automatic PDQ Laserwash which runs a “touchless” (no brushes) washing system along with Blendco soap and wax systems as well as hot water cycles that delivers the highest quality wash, and will have you back on the road in under 5 minutes!

Using a Car Wash isn’t just about saving time, energy and water, although that’s a good start. Our waste water is treated on site and then delivered to the local sewerage system rather than running down the road and into the Storm Water system which ultimately finds its way to local waterways. So using a professional carwash is a great way to look after the environment as well.

We search the globe for the best carwash products to ensure the highest possible wash outcome for our customers. Splatter Wax and ProShine Ceramic Total Body Protectant are two great examples that we have recently added to all of our premium wash programs.

Splatter Wax with Carnauba is a brilliantly formulated conditioner and wax all in one. It is infused with Carnauba wax (also called Brazilian wax) for long lasting shine and protection. It has a rich foam and vibrant colour with a great fragrance.

In combination with ProShine Ceramic Total Body Protectant which is specially formulated with a proprietary polymeric silica base, which forms a ceramic glass-like barrier, bonding fully with glass, chrome, rubber, plastic, and paint it resists dirt, bird droppings and debris making it easier to clean, every time.

The combination ensures your vehicle exterior is protected from harmful UV rays and produces an ultimate showroom shine and softness you can actually feel.

Please DONOT ENTER IF YOUR VEHICLE IS OVER 2.1M HIGH as this may damage your vehicle. No need to remove aerials or any roof racks (providing it all comes under 2.1m.

Self Service Bays

In our Self service bays we welcome cars, boats, motor bikes, caravans/campers and trailers.

Please no grass, hay or other refuge as it blocks up our drains. Please leave the bay the way you found it, clean and tidy with any mud pushed to the middle to allow the next customer access.



  • Payment options
    Pay pass EFT - Gold coins ($1,$2) - Notes ($20,$10,$5)
  • Available 24/7
Car Wash Options

Ultimate Wash$18

Deluxe Wash$16

  • Payment Options
    Pay pass EFT - Gold coins ($1,$2) - Notes ($20,$10,$5)
  • Available 24/7
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Flea and tick rinse
  • Active rinse
  • Tub disinfect
  • Blow dryer
  • All cycles used are with warm solution
  • Minimum $10 to start
    • Payment Options
      Accepts $1, $2
    • Available 24/7

    Self serve vacuum x 3 (1 with a shampoo option)

    • Payment Options
      $1 or $2 coins


    Armorall Sponge Clean
    Armorall Sponge Protect
    Thirsty Blue Towel
    Glass Cleaner
    Fragrance Tree( Black Ice & New Car)

    • Available 24/7
    • Payment options
      Pay pass EFT, Gold coins ($1 & $2)
    Options Include:
    1. Pre soak
    2. Tyre & Engine
    3. High pressure soap
    4. Foam brush
    5. High pressure rinse
    6. Splatter Wax
    7. ProShine Ceramic Total Body Protectant
    8. Spot free rinse
    9. Blow dryer
    • Available 24/7
    $20,$10,$5 notes converted to coins.

    Car Wash Details

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